The 25 Best Presents to Surprise Her With This Holiday Season

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Here is a list of the 25 best presents to surprise her with this holiday season.



The holiday season is just a couple of months away, and I gathered a list of ideas for presents to surprise her with. The eternal dilemma of what to give the special ladies in your life is over.  A pair of earrings, a pajama set, a gift card? You’re probably cringing right now.

There are so many options out there, just do a little research and her happy reaction will make it all worthwhile. Go with something different this year, and she will be really surprised. Why give the same thing over and over again? Most of us already own most stuff we need, and clutter is nobody’s friend. Instead of giving her something she might return, why not think outside the box this year?

Targeted Audience

Whether you’re shopping for your mother, sister, daughter, or significant other, I gathered a list of ideas that will cover all your bases. 

So read on and see if you can find something that will actually encourage you to go and purchase something you never thought of by yourself. You might not even need to leave your house for most of the gifts I suggest here. 

Forget those crazy last-minute shopping trips to the mall on the 23rd or 24th of December. Plan ahead, and you will thank me. You’re most certainly welcome.

Depending on where you live, you can surely find similar interactive experiences and subscriptions. I gave Montreal / North American references, but you can look up things in your area, and I’m sure you will find ideas. This is just a guide to get your inspiration from.

Without further ado, here are 25 best presents to surprise her with this holiday season. 


25.Spanx or Knix Leggings

spanx leggings


Let me start this list of the 25 best presents to surprise her with this holiday season with a practical gift. Since the pandemic hit, I, for one, have been living in leggings. Any adult female I know owns at least one pair. But the ones from either Spanx or Knix are a treat. The quality is lush, and their customer service is excellent. They come in an array of styles and colors, so you will make your significant other very happy. Probably not an appropriate gift for your kid’s teacher though!


24. Birthdate Book

the birthdate book


For the ladies that like to read about their birthdate, their astrological sign, and so on, this will make a great gift.  The book is personalized to her unique birthday, and it gives details of her birth chart. This cool idea will help her learn about her personality and traits, so she can understand herself better. It is appropriate for any female, even acquaintances.


23. Agate Cheese Board

agate cheese board


This is the ideal hostess gift for the holiday season, or any occasion really. This doubles as a piece of art for the kitchen, that’s how beautiful it is. Made from agate stone in a variety of colors, there are no two identical ones. They are perfect for her wine and cheese soirées, and her guests will be impressed.


22. Jiggy Puzzles

You can see my previous article about some of my favorite hobbies.

My Top Ten Random Things



jiggy puzzles


I’ve been called a nerd by many friends over the years because of my love for puzzles. When I was younger it used to bother me, but now I take it as a compliment. So if the lady in your life loves them as much as I do, this will make her super happy. The box comes with tools to keep it together and glue it in case she wants to frame it. The jar the puzzle comes in is reusable, how cool and environmentally friendly is that? This will actually make even someone who you’re not super close to happy.


21. Good Food

good food meal kit


The Canadian version of Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service for the busy ladies in your life. All she has to do is pick from different plans and recipes, and she will receive her food ready to be prepared right at her door. The boxes include detailed and easy-to-follow recipes. Even if she’s not too savvy in the kitchen, this is a great way to eat healthily and learn how to cook.


20. Wine Subscription

wine subscription


This one doesn’t need much explanation. If she loves wine, this is the ideal gift. Any region in North America and Europe offers wine subscriptions for the beloved beverage. All you have to do is inquire about the specifics, but it is super straightforward. Once you enroll her, she will receive the delivery to her door as often as she likes.



Darling Magpie fabfitfun


The FabFitFun subscription has been around for many years, and it never gets old. This is a clever way to pamper her, especially if she’s been super busy and stressed lately. I don’t know many women who don’t like to come home to a surprise, and their boxes are varied and will please even the most difficult consumer.


18.Tennis Masterclass

tennis masterclass


Tennis superstar Serena Williams offers an online tennis class through Masterclass, the online forum. Of course, you can find many similar venues that offer online tennis lessons.  But if you get the chance to enroll her in the class taught by one of the best-ranked tennis pros of our times, why not? She will absolutely love it!


17. Flower/Plant Subscription

flower subscription


The gift of flowers will never get old, I don’t care what anybody says. There are many flower shops that offer yearly subscriptions, and she will receive a bouquet or a plant every three months, depending on the plan she chooses. Fresh flowers and plants are a cheap and easy way to spruce up any space.


16. Gravity Blanket

gravity blanket


Gravity Blanket

Gravity or weighted blankets have become super popular in the last couple of years. They are proven to reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, on top of looking cool. Just like a big bear hug, she can cozy up on the couch with it, or use it for sleeping. This one looks like a chunky knit throw that comes in different colors and sizes.


15. Ugg Slippers

slippers in bedroom


Not the most innovative gift, but it is one that many of us do not think of anymore. Once the cold weather comes, we remember that we used to own slippers back in the day. But we just never really get around to purchasing a pair for ourselves. And let’s face it, not many females will spend around $100 for a pair of footwear for the house. This will be a great treat for her. 





We all like a clean house, but honestly, who truly enjoys vacuuming? I, for one, don’t. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts any woman will appreciate.  Although a bit pricey, this is a great gift that she will get the most use out of, especially if her household has furry friends. All she has to do is press a button and relax. The IRobot does everything for her, all she has to do is make sure she remembers to charge it.


13. Nespresso Coffee Machine with Frother

nespresso delonghi


If she’s a coffee lover and usually spends hundreds, if not thousands a year on fancy coffees, this is a great gift for her. She can make her favorite cup of Java right in her own home, and she will save so much money in the long run. This particular machine is great for espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes.


12. Silk Pillowcase

silk pillow cases


Silk pillowcases are known to be great on the skin and hair, so she will definitely appreciate this gift. Here I didn’t specify any particular brand, because you can find them anywhere you live in the world. It all comes down to what size and color to get, the rest is pretty similar from one company to another. Silk is also hypoallergenic and will reduce wrinkles and frizz. The only thing that she should be aware of is that it is recommended to be washed by hand.


11.Madewell Leather Tote

madewell tote transport tote


It might not be the most original gift, but every lady needs a good tote bag. This sustainable company makes great quality items ranging from denim to leather totes, among many others. Some of their items, such as the leather tote, are so well crafted that they will probably last her a lifetime. So no, it isn’t just another tote bag. It is one that she will cherish forever.


10. Crystals



Crystals are known for their healing properties, and what better way to pamper your lady than with the gift of crystals? Every city has shops that sell crystals, and there are hundreds or even thousands of different rocks to choose from. Most of them offer online shopping as well, so you can just do your shopping from the convenience of your home.  Every single crystal has different properties that target different needs, so it’s a well-thought-out gift. 


9. Vitruvi Diffuser

vitruvi move diffuser


The newer model, the Move Diffuser is super light and you can bring it from room to room. There are a total of three different models, and they all make a great addition to any home. Any female would appreciate this gift. The scent that it brings to her home makes her space smell fresh even in the cold winter months. A Canadian company, they offer excellent customer service, which is always a plus.


8. Ballet Tickets Nutcracker

the nutcraker


Every year before the pandemic hit, the Grand Ballets would perform the popular Christmas ballet The Nutcracker. It is a Montreal tradition to attend it at least once in your life. If she’s never been, she will surely appreciate the thought. It will put her in the Christmas spirit, and it is a nice way to spend a couple of hours with her. 


7. Illumi Tickets

dinausaur illumi 2021


For the last few years, even during the pandemic, this new outdoor light show called Illumi in the Montreal area has become a great activity to do as a family. The nighttime adventure starts sometimes around mid-October and usually lasts until the end of November. The circuit can be done either by car or on foot, and it is extraordinary. Young and old, everyone loves this festival of lights.


6. Interactive Events

indoor bike


Sushi classes, Peloton subscription, whatever your lady likes you can find online. There are literally hundreds of sites to look for inspiration, just enter whatever she’s into in your Google Search engine, and voilà. Simple, easy, and she will be thrilled. No more returns and useless crap she will probably never use but is too polite to admit.


5. David’s Tea Subscription Box

Tea Subscription Program

david's tea


Tea lovers will adore this idea. Every three months you get a box delivered to your door, and you get a surprise package every time. There are different options of boxes to choose from, but you never know which tea you will get in your box. When you’re a tea enthusiast though, it really doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t like a little mystery?


4. Thoughtful / Indigo Experience

How Thoughtfull Works

  1. Step 1

    Find great gifts, from custom subscriptions to gift boxes, that deliver at a moment’s notice.

  2. Step 2

    Add your recipient’s email and a custom message at checkout.

  3. Step 3

    Your recipient will instantly receive an email with redemption details.

Get Started

thoughtfull by indigo


For fellow Canadian readers, this new site which is created by Indigo gives you plenty of options for unique gifts. It is one of the best ideas to surprise her with. From One Day Surprise Trips to Kids’ Baking Kits, and so much more, you will surely find something for every female in your life. From your significant other to your aunt, your daughter, or her teacher, you can find everything at this one-stop shop.  And many of those options are real surprises, so she will never guess!


3. Kobo Subscription

kobo plus


For the Kobo owners that never part with their device, a subscription is a great idea. For a reasonable monthly cost, she can read unlimited books at her convenience. She doesn’t have a limited-time option like with borrowed library books. And she will not spend a penny of her own money on purchasing books. A reader’s ideal gift. Because as a reader, you never know which books someone wants or already owns.


2. Kobo

kobo e-readers

Kobo Clara

I never thought I would go the e-book way, but when the pandemic hit and couldn’t visit my public library I went into panic mode and ordered a Kobo. And boy was I happy and took the plunge. I haven’t traveled since I purchased it, but it will come in super handy when I do. It can fit literally hundreds of books and weighs less than my cell phone. In the US it’s the Kindle that is super popular, but in Canada Kobo is the way to go, especially if you want to borrow from your library.  If your lady loves to read, this is one great gift.


1. Imagine Monet

immersive monet


To conclude the 25 best presents to surprise her with this holiday season post is one of my favorites.

If this does not surprise her this holiday season, I don’t know what does. The ultimate culture lover’s gift, this is one of the best activities to do as a couple, or between friends. Anyone that appreciates art will be thrilled to receive tickets to this exhibition. As someone who used to go to the museum regularly, I’ve missed seeing their exhibitions. Since the pandemic, I’ve been pretty much staying in my bubble and not really doing any activities. But this one seems like a great idea, and one I wouldn’t want to miss. 


Concluding Words


subscription box


This sums up my list of the 25 best presents to surprise her with this holiday season.

They are definitely the best 25 gifts I can think of that any lady would be happy to receive. You know your lady deserves it, so go ahead and pamper her. I’m sure she will love any of those!

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