January 2024 Book Reviews

      Hello fellow bookworms! This is my first monthly review wrap-up of 2024. It was a decent month reading wise, if I may say so myself. Without further ado, let’s take a look at my January 2024 book reviews.   My list includes four books from my tbr pile I promised myself I […]

15 Sad Books to Read in 2024

    Although most people might find it weird, many of us readers gravitate towards the occasional sad book from time to time. I must admit, it’s not my go-to reading material, but I enjoy the occasional sad book every now and then. The following post contains a collection of 15 sad books to read […]

My 10 Favorite Books of 2023

    While picking my top ten favorite books of the year is fun, it is always so hard to do! Most years I read a number of amazing books that remain with me for a while. Others fall under the great but not memorable category while, evidently, there’s also a few flops. So choosing […]

December 2023 Book Reviews

    Well, friends, another year flew by! I can’t believe we’re in 2024 already. Time goes by so fast, but the silver lining is that I’m getting closer to retiring from my full-time job so I can dedicate more time to this blog! At least that’s something positive I’m looking forward to. But for […]

November 2023 Book Reviews

    November is Nordic Noir month but despite that, I read a couple of books that don’t fit the category. While in an ideal world I would solely read Nordic Noir thrillers yearlong, I had other books that needed my attention. So these are my November 2023 book reviews.    I finally snatched a […]

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