Food For Thought: Part Two

Random Ramblings   Hi friends, and welcome to another unrelated post that is not about one particular topic, but a couple of random thoughts that I felt like sharing with you today. I hope you enjoy this type of post and that you can relate to at least some of my ramblings. If not, feel […]

Food For Thought: Part One

Welcome to a new series starting with this post, entitled Food For Thought.   Introduction Whenever current events or situations arise that catch my interest, I would like to open a debate about it. It can range from lighthearted topics, such as dilemmas or “what would you do” type of debatable subjects, or some heavier, […]

Random Ramblings

What is happiness? Ok, so here’s a thought I had the other day. It came to me after reading something, and it’s been on my mind ever since. If people did what truly made them happy in relationships, would they really be happier, or would they always search for something more, with another person?   […]

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