10 Best Cafes in Montreal

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This post includes the 10 best cafes in Montreal, in my humble opinion. The list includes a couple of my personal favorites, as well as a few I still need to try out.

Best Cafes in Montreal


Montreal has many options when it comes to great coffee. And I’m not talking about the neighborhood Starbucks or Tim Hortons. There are some authentic cafes that offer some of the best coffee and snacks you can find in the city. 

You don’t have to consider yourself a coffee snob in order to frequent any of these places. They offer so much more than coffee, but the beloved hot drink is also what puts them on the map.

Some of the venues are Insta-worthy, take my word for it. There’s nothing better than spending a couple of hours of quality time with a great cup of coffee and great conversations. 

Or, for the introverts in the crowd, alongside a good book. Since I fall in the latter category, I always carry a book with me, because you just never know. 


Without further ado, here are some of the best cafes in Montreal that you should try. 



melk cafe on tripadvisor

photo credit: Trip Advisor

One of the newer coffee shops on the list, Melk opened its doors just a couple of years before the pandemic started. Located in the heart of Monkland Village, Melk is a neighborhood cafe that makes some mean scones. They also have a great tea selection, and their espresso-based drinks are always made to perfection.


9.Le Darling

le darling on tastet.ca

photo credit: tastet.ca

At the corner of Marie-Anne and St. Laurent Boulevard resides this dreamy cafe. The perfect spot for enjoying a great book, fall is one of the best times of the year to head over and people-watch while sipping on one of the best cups of coffee in the city. During the day, it is mostly a cafe, but in the evening hours, it becomes a bar that offers some great beer and cider. A lovely place that is warmly decorated with many plants, in an authentic vintage style. 


8.Dispatch Cafe

dispatch cafe on Mcgill Tribune

photo credit: McGill Tribune

With a third location that just opened on Saint Laurent Boulevard, Dispatch Cafe boasts a modern design. Elegant, the ultra-monochromatic design will catch your eye. Dispatch cafe features an extensive coffee menu, along with a great selection of pastries, even lunch boxes you can take out. Whether you want to relax or study, the large communal tables offer a great ambiance for whatever you’re in the mood for. 


7.Cafe Saint Henri

cafe saint henri on tastet.ca

photo credit: Tastet.ca

Offering some of the best coffee on the entire island, the coffee shop now opened a second location in the Jean-Talon market. Matching the coffee shop’s vivacious properties, the locale has a bright and modern atmosphere. A meticulously curated design that is simple yet cozy will make you feel welcome, which is great since you’ll want to sit around and slowly sip your favorite cup of coffee. Then you’ll be ready to get on with your day.


6.Tommy Cafe

tommycafe on tastet.ca

photo credit: Tastet.ca

Another cafe that is located in the Old Port, Tommy resides on Notre-Dame street, in the British Empire Building. For photography buffs, this location offers great opportunities for taking lovely pictures. Every corner of the cafe is amazing, as it was designed by Zebulon Perron, a well-known interior architect in the city. A simple yet delicious menu is also a good reason to head over and enjoy some tasty pastries with your cup of favorite coffee. 


5. Cafe Sfouf

cafe sfouf on yellowpages

photo credit: yellow pages

This charming cafe is located in the South Central quarter of Montreal, on Ontario street east. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, the traditional Lebanese influences the cafe offers will provide you with that much-needed break in your routine. Their coffee is sourced from Cafe Saint Henri, and their cakes and desserts, as well as their savory toasts, provide a lovely complement to the delicious coffee. 


4.Cafe Olimpico

cafe olimpico on tastet.com

photo credit: tastet.ca

One of Montreal’s traditional coffee houses, which started off with one location, now offers a few of them in different neighborhoods. You can see which one is closest to you, but the original Mile End is a classic. Go and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a decadent pastry that are always fresh and baked daily. The warm and quaint dining rooms offer you a home away from home, where you can catch up with old friends.


3.Crew Collective Cafe

crew collective cafe on tastet.ca


photo credit: Tastet.ca

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful cafes in Montreal. Located in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal, more precisely in the former Royal Bank of Canada headquarters, which happens to be one of the tallest buildings in the area. The cafe is the perfect first-date venue with marble floors, brass counters, and high ceilings. The cobblestone streets and vacation atmosphere are just a plus to the delicious coffee and pastries they offer. 


2. Cafe 92 Degrees

cafe 92 storefront on yelp

photo credit: yellow pages

Owned by a Mexican couple, Cafe 92 Degrees has been one of my favorite coffee shops in Montreal. With its location right across from Trenholm Park on Sherbrooke street west, it is a great place to grab our cup and enjoy it in the park. Indoors is tiny, but if you get a  table you can admire the local artists’ latest pieces that are displayed on the walls. They also have a community fridge outside, and they sell various authentic merchandise that is originating from Mexico. 


1. Cafe De’ Mercanti

cafe de'mercanti from daily hive

photo credit: daily hive

Cafe de Mercanti

One of my newest discoveries, they have been in the heart of Monkland Village for a few years now. Great coffee and a great neighborhood vibe are what you can expect from Cafe Dei Mercanti. As soon as the weather gets good, they get their little outdoor terrace going, and on many Saturday and Sunday mornings, it’s really tough to find a spot. But you can always take it to go, it will be just as enjoyable. Although the cozy community vibe is what many love about this place. 


Concluding Words

This sums up my list of the 10 best cafes in Montreal.

Although I haven’t yet listened to my own advice and tried all of these amazing coffee shops, my intention is to get to at least a couple of them before the end of the year. If you’re familiar with any of these coffee shops, which ones are your favorite?

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