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From bookmarks to book ends, coffee mugs and scented candles, there are lots of accessories book lovers can choose from. And now that Christmas is literally around the corner, these can also make great gift ideas for the readers in your life. The following article includes some accessories all bookworms need in their lives. 


I figured with the holidays upon us, this will give you a couple of last minute gift ideas for a special someone in your life. Or even a treat for yourself, why not?


mimi and august villa candle


For each of the following categories I’ll give you examples of my favorite accessories I already own or would like to own at some point. That way you get an idea of what’s available at the moment. At the same time, it leaves the door open for future upgrades. 


Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t include every single accessory you might have noticed on your favorite instagrammers’ page. The ones I did though, I have owned and used throughout my life. 


So let’s get right down to some examples of accessories all bookworms need.


Reading Light


reading light gritin


Check it out on Amazon

If you only read physical books, then a reading light is a must. The new reading lights are a lot fancier than the first one I bought more than fifteen years ago. Very lightweight and easy to use, they are a bookworm’s essential accessory. They are fairly affordable as well, so no need to break the bank. Take a look at this one from Amazon, for example. 


Tote Bags

me holding tote dec 22


I cannot get enough tote bags. I own a good number of them, in a few different shapes and sizes. I carry them everywhere, because you never know when I need one. I love the latest one my daughter bought me, which describes me to a tee.  But I have a lot of others I switch back and forth from. Because yes, I carry books with me everywhere I go!




tree bookshelf amazon


Check it out on Amazon

This is another category that is huge, and each bookworm has different tastes. If space and budget permits, there are bookshelves that are made from real wood, and they can be customizable to fit each individual home. But you can get the Billy bookshelf  from Ikea as well, and it does the job just fine. I would like to get this tree one for myself in the near future.


Scented Candles


krackle candles


While scented candles might not be a prerequisite for reading, they sure enhance the experience. I can write an article solely on different types of scented candles at some point in the future, but for today’s post I’ll just share one of my favorite brands. 


mimi and august candles


Mimi and August is a small shop located in the heart of the Old Port of Montreal. Because of their excellent customer service and great quality products, they grew and opened a second store in the past year. 


Book Ends


book ends amazon


Check it out on Amazon


I don’t have sufficient room in my living quarters at the moment, but I love me some bookends! I particularly like this one from Amazon, which is cute and extremely affordable. 

You can always get them custom made from individual sellers, especially from Etsy if you want something unique. But if you are pressed for time or you can’t afford a more special pair, these will work just fine.


Book Carts


book cart amazon



Check it out on Amazon


For some reason, I haven’t seen book carts appear on fellow bookworm’s Instagram pages like a couple of years ago. Especially during the peak of the pandemic, it seemed like the Ikea carts used for books were everywhere. 

I still love them, even though they have seemingly lost in popularity. They are super convenient and easy to access. You can also use them for multiple purposes, but they seem perfect for book showcasing. 


Book Sleeves


juts one more chapter book sleeve


I’ve only acquired one of these accessories about five years ago, but what a godsend! It protects your books (hardbacks or paperbacks) from anything, making traveling with them so much more enjoyable. Using a book sleeve keeps humidity or moisture from destroying the books, and its individual designs can show off your personality. I own a couple of them myself and use them all the time when I bring my physical books to work. 




bookmarks dec 23


As far as I’m concerned, I think bookmarks are a bookworms’ must-own accessory. They  are so versatile and come in many different colors, designs, and sizes. You can buy them pre-made or  create them yourself, in the material and color you prefer. Since I started reading as a  child, I must have owned more than a hundred bookmarks. Now I probably only have about twenty or so, but the ones I own I absolutely love. 


Coffee Mugs

owl cup on grey covers


I’m a sucker for pretty coffee mugs, and I try to keep purchasing a minimal amount of mugs a year. I’m getting better with age, also because I don’t have much storage space. Otherwise, I could open my own store! I have smaller mugs, large ones, and I’m always drinking tea, coffee or water while reading.

So, here’s a couple of my favorite ones. The one with the owl comes from Indigo, but it was bought a few years ago so it’s most likely out of stock. 


ballerinas mug dec 23


The Ballerina cup is from the National Gallery of Canada. I bought it a few years ago when I visited the museum shop. Still one of my favorites today.


Kindle or Kobo

kobo e-readers

This is the best invention that came on the market a few years ago. It is lightweight and super convenient for travel, but it’s also great to use right at home. Because it has a glare-free screen, it is easy to use in sunshine or in dark rooms alike. 

I, for one, own both a Kobo and a Kindle, and use them both all the time. 


kindle july 22


Check it out on Amazon


The Kindle is mostly for arcs from the publishers, while the Kobo allows me access to my public libraries digital collection via Libby. 

Great for travel or for reading in bed, you don’t even need to have the light on even in a dark room. It’s my favorite bookish accessory ever!


Concluding Words


van gogh ipad sleeve


This sums up today’s post on some ideas for accessories every bookworm needs. There are a few more for sure, but those are the ones I use. I can leave the stickers and annotating paraphernalia to a younger demographic. While I think they’re cute and can come in handy, I passed that stage in my life. You never know, I might get interested in them in the future, but at the moment I don’t have it in me to add them to my repertoire. 

Which are your must-own bookworm accessories? Let me know in the comment box below. 

For now I wish you happy holidays, and keep reading my fellow bookworms!

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