Food for Thought – Part Three

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For my food for thought category, this is part three in the series.

Although I tend to talk mostly about books on this blog, most of my readers seem to enjoy these random thoughts I write about from time to time. Probably because they relate to a lot of the topics I bring up. Not everyone reads so I can dig that. 

Hence, this is another post about topics that inspired me in the last while. 

The topics are unrelated and random, but they have been nagging at me for a while.

Without further ado, these are today’s topics, in no particular order.


1. Food for Thought: Female Bonding Rituals

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Ever since I was a teenager and my friends all started spending an indeterminate amount of time getting ready, I was never one to partake in those lengthy rituals. 

So here’s some food for thought for you:

First of all, my FOMO will never allow me, as I used to like being in the middle of the action. I would want to be aware of every single little thing happening in my circle of friends to be caught away doing something else. Unless it was school or work, of course. 

Secondly, although I’ve been told by many people that I talk a lot, I never know what to say during those female bonding times. Getting ready while chatting and talking while enjoying a drink has never really been my thing. I used to like the time before going clubbing when I could sit with a couple of close friends and just talk, but the actual partying, not so much.

Now that I’m older and I don’t do any of these things any longer makes me feel like a failure at being a woman because I don’t have anyone to do these things with. And even if I did, I’m not one to turn to for those types of activities. 

I always rush through life and never really take the time to pamper myself. I’m what you would consider a low-maintenance person. I basically spend at the most ten to fifteen minutes getting ready in the morning, then I go out the door. That’s why I never understand why people can be late.  I’m very efficient and organized with my time, especially if work is involved, and I don’t like wasting time. 

Even for a fun date or just getting together for coffee with a friend, I don’t feel the need to spend hours getting ready.

I dress according to my mood and use minimal make-up, and that’s about it. Accessories such as jewelry are not always in my repertoire. When they are, it’s mostly the same ones I’ve been using for years. 

That’s just me though. I like spending my time doing other things such as reading or writing, working, or hanging out with loved ones, so I don’t prioritize female bonding. Although I do miss going out for coffee and doing nothing for a couple of hours. 


2. Food for Thought: Nature Provides Comfort

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Food for thought: when life creates situations of great uncertainty, people tend to feel comforted by nature. 

Take, for example, the pandemic that we’re still living through at this moment. An impending recession will become inevitable. The world has seen too many changes that happened way too fast, and it will take many years to recover from this.

I’m not one hundred percent sure yet, but I think we’re already there. We’re right in the middle of a recession that is about to get worse.

So nature provides some sort of comfort when times are turbulent and uncertain. Generally, people start to appreciate it more. They take more time to do things that allow them to get in touch with nature. Even if just going for a walk around the block, these few minutes make you feel better and help you change your perspective. 

But nature can be recreated in so many different ways, even indoors.

This can be noticed even in the changing trends, from clothing to furniture. Curvier shapes are more popular, as well as cozier materials, and colors that are inspired by nature. Especially in fall, yellows, oranges, and reds are very trendy, as well as greens and browns. Soothing colors and softer shapes bring us a sense of calm. 

There’s enough chaos and upheaval going on in the world at the moment. We’re all craving some soothing calmness in our spaces. 


3. Food for Thought: Parents Protecting Their Children

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Photo Credit: Juan Pablo from Pexels

The last topic for today’s food for thought post, I feel like this one will get a lot of controversies. It’s been on my mind ever since I read a book this summer and I was screaming at the pages. I won’t name the book just in case, but if you think you can guess which one I’m talking about, you can always write to me privately.

Anyhow, as a parent myself, I would do anything in my power to protect my child from harm. For sure, if someone would threaten or hurt my daughter or grandson in any way, physically or verbally, mama bear will come out. 

But I’m not talking about that here. 

Let’s say, that while growing up, you notice your kid is acting strange and has violent tendencies. 

The clear answer is that everyone who’s half a decent parent would say that you will get them professional help. And hopefully, before it’s too late. 

But what if there were no signs, but then they commit a heinous crime during their teenage years? Do you cover it up to protect them from going to jail, or do you take the blame? 

Or, the third option, which we all believed we would be able to make, you let them take responsibility for their actions.

Being a parent, you hope and pray that you never face any of these predicaments. 

The only thing you can do as a parent is to give them the tools to function as well-rounded individuals when they grow up and offer them support and guidance. Covering up their crimes is not a good idea, especially while they’re still forming their characters. Kids are known to test boundaries, and if they get away with a misdemeanor one time, what will they attempt to try the next time? 

As much as you don’t want your children punished, pretending they’re innocent only makes matters worse. That will encourage continuous bad behavior and a life of criminality. 

That is way worse than just paying for their mistakes. 

In my opinion, anyway.


Concluding words

This sums up part three in the food for thought category. 

If you enjoy those types of posts, please let me know in the comment section. I will go back to my bookish articles, don’t worry. 

Until next time, keep reading fellow bookworms!

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