How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

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September 2022 Book Reviews

    This post contains my September 2022 book reviews.   September was a great month reading-wise, not in quantity, but in quality. I read four books and two audiobooks. One of them was very short, but an amazing audiobook and I squeezed it in on the last day of September.   Without any further […]

August 2022 Book Reviews

  These are my August 2022 book reviews. August was a decent reading month for me. I managed to finish six books, plus an audiobook.  I’m usually not a great fan of audiobooks, but I recently decided to give it another go. The one I chose was not a fiction book, but rather a non-fiction […]

Book Buying As a Hobby

  Book buying as a hobby is completely separate from reading, so don’t confuse the two. People who are not readers don’t understand the need to keep buying books. They think because you own a good amount you haven’t read yet, you should not buy any more books. Book buying is a separate hobby in […]

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