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November Reads

    A week late posting, but with the holidays approaching, I’ve been a little busier than anticipated. But here goes my tally of November reads.   November is a dreary and gloomy month, yet it’s my favorite time of year. You might think I’m weird, and that’s okay because it’s Nordic Noir November!!!  Just […]

Random Ramblings

What is happiness? Ok, so here’s a thought I had the other day. It came to me after reading something, and it’s been on my mind ever since. If people did what truly made them happy in relationships, would they really be happier, or would they always search for something more, with another person?   […]

Nordic Noir November

I’m dedicating this post to my favorite genre in books, Nordic Noir. It is appropriate for this time of year to delve into this moody and atmospheric genre.   Introduction   Last year or the year before I joined this challenge on Instagram that spoke to me. As a huge fan of Scandinavian Noir, I […]

Multiple Reads

  For this post, I decided to tackle a bookworm’s problem we all face from time to time. Reading multiple books at once. I know some Bookstagrammers have been talking about it, and it was something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now. So, here we are. A Bookworm’s problem     I’ve […]

October Mini Book Reviews

    Hi friends. Hope this finds you well. Halloween is almost upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with some spooky reads? This month I started off with an appropriate read, The Burning Girls by C. J. Tudor. Although most of the other reads are not very Halloweenish, their covers are very […]

Random Ramblings Part One

With the beginning of a new month, I’m thinking it’s time to start a new tradition. Random ramblings of the month. The topic this month is unfinished reading lists. Does every bookworm faces this problem, or am I part of a minority? Every month, this one being no exception, I make a ‘To Be Read’ […]

Is Minimalism For You

  In the last decade or so minimalism has taken different dimensions. There are people that are generally not interested in acquiring stuff, but they do not necessarily consider themselves minimalists.    What is Minimalism? If you’re referring to the definition of the visual arts, it is an art movement that began after the Second […]

September mini book reviews

  For the third mini-reviews post, I decided to switch it up and do it every month. These days I don’t seem to read more than about three or four books a month anyway, so I’ll try it this way. I did have quite an ambitious TBR list, but it was hard to keep to […]

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