How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

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Food For Thought: Part Two

Random Ramblings   Hi friends, and welcome to another unrelated post that is not about one particular topic, but a couple of random thoughts that I felt like sharing with you today. I hope you enjoy this type of post and that you can relate to at least some of my ramblings. If not, feel […]

August Reads

August was a decent reading month for me. I managed to finish six books, plus an audiobook.  I’m usually not a great fan of audiobooks, but I recently decided to give it another go. The one I chose was not a fiction book, but rather a non-fiction book, and I enjoyed it more. I had […]

10 Books That Live Up To The Hype

    As a well-read person, it’s a good idea to expand your repertoire and try reading books from different genres.  Since joining Bookstagram I’ve been introduced to many new authors and genres I wouldn’t naturally gravitate towards. Mind you, I still prefer my Nordic Noir over any other sub-genre, but it’s nice to step […]

July Reads

  Hi friends! How did your reading go in the month of July? Did you read any amazing books? Or you were too busy being outside, enjoying some beautiful weather? My reading month was okay, not great. Here are the books I read this month.     Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian   […]

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