How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

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Food For Thought: Part One

Welcome to a new series starting with this post, entitled Food For Thought.   Introduction Whenever current events or situations arise that catch my interest, I would like to open a debate about it. It can range from lighthearted topics, such as dilemmas or “what would you do” type of debatable subjects, or some heavier, […]

June Reads

The month of June started off promising, but I struggled to finish four books. To be completely honest, the last one I actually finished either on the first or second of July, but I’ll count it towards this month. They were actually all great reads, with The Overnight Guest just okay.  Let me get to […]

May Reads

The month of May was pretty decent reading-wise. I ended up reading a total of six books, one of which was a five-star! Then I had three four-star books and two books that I gave three stars. Overall, I can consider it a successful month. Let’s see which books I’m talking about. The Harbor by […]

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