How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

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Best Master Classes to Try in 2022

  What better way to start a new year than to learn something new? I’m not one to make New Year resolutions, but I like the idea of continuous learning. There was a time when an old friend called me a professional student. Whether she meant it as a compliment or not, I really don’t […]

January Reads

  New Year, new reads. I look forward to a great reading year, and I hope I can catch up on some books that I already own. Until then, let’s see which books I’ve decided to start the year with.   Girls Who Lie by Eva Bjorg Aegisdottir   girls who lie   This is […]

22 Books for 2022

  Hey guys, hope all’s well with you.  This year, I decided to try to put a dent in the books I already own and read 22 books from my own library. I own more than 100 books that I haven’t read yet, so 22 is really not a huge number.    The Challenge   […]

Favorite Books of 2021

  Hey friends! As promised, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite books of 2021. Originally I was planning to do a favorite book per month. But some months I have more than one favorite, and a couple of months the reads were just not that memorable.  That is the reason I’m so late with […]

December Mini Book Reviews

    To finish up this year, I’ve read a few solid books in the month of December. Some I have enjoyed tremendously, some, not so much. Still drudging through that collection of short stories I started back in October, I must say I’m really not loving it. I’m determined to finish it before 2022 […]

November Reads

    A week late posting, but with the holidays approaching, I’ve been a little busier than anticipated. But here goes my tally of November reads.   November is a dreary and gloomy month, yet it’s my favorite time of year. You might think I’m weird, and that’s okay because it’s Nordic Noir November!!!  Just […]

Random Ramblings

What is happiness? Ok, so here’s a thought I had the other day. It came to me after reading something, and it’s been on my mind ever since. If people did what truly made them happy in relationships, would they really be happier, or would they always search for something more, with another person?   […]

Nordic Noir November

I’m dedicating this post to my favorite genre in books, Nordic Noir. It is appropriate for this time of year to delve into this moody and atmospheric genre.   Introduction   Last year or the year before I joined this challenge on Instagram that spoke to me. As a huge fan of Scandinavian Noir, I […]

Multiple Reads

  For this post, I decided to tackle a bookworm’s problem we all face from time to time. Reading multiple books at once. I know some Bookstagrammers have been talking about it, and it was something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now. So, here we are. A Bookworm’s problem     I’ve […]

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