How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

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April 2023 Book Reviews

    This post includes my April 2023 book reviews. I must say, April was an excellent reading month for me. I think I broke a record for most read books in a month! I ended up reading 10 books, which is pretty solid! Let me get started on the April 2023 book reviews of […]

Hardcovers or Paperbacks?

  Hardcover or Paperbacks? That’s a big debate between readers that I want to re-open. So whatever type of book format you prefer, whether it’s hardcovers or paperbacks, join in the conversation!   Hello, fellow bookworms! This time around let’s discuss a topic that we, as readers, constantly face. And in the past few years, […]

Mad Honey Book Review

    As promised to my Instagram followers, this post includes a Mad Honey book review. I already talked about it briefly last week, but I felt like the short review I posted on Instagram and Goodreads didn’t do it justice.    So let me go into a bit more detail. Beware though, the review […]

March 2023 Book Reviews

    These are my March 2023 book reviews. March was a pretty decent month reading-wise. I discovered a couple of indie authors, which I’m happy I did, but I can’t say any of the books I read were spectacular. They were okay, but nothing I would re-read. A couple of them disappointed me, as […]

Nine Books To Read This Spring

    We’re finally in spring, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier! Reading-wise, I came up with nine books to read this spring, which should improve your mood! As I get older, I find winters hard to deal with, so I look very much forward to longer days, warmer temperatures, and dry roads! If […]

8 Books Set in New York

    This post gives me some serious wanderlust vibes. I gathered a list of 8 books that are set in New York. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I haven’t traveled anywhere too far and I’m starting to seriously miss it. I miss the weekend getaways, the road trips, flying overseas, the whole thing. […]

February 2023 Book Reviews

  This post includes my February 2023 book reviews. I had these books finished over the weekend, but I was hoping to get through at least another one. Since that didn’t happen, this is my final tally for February 2023. I read six books and reread one, which is pretty average for me. Without further […]

7 Dark Academia Novels to Read

    This post includes 7 dark-academia novels to read. Dark academia is a subgenre of the literary fiction genre that contains dark, gothic vibes that usually involve some aspects of academia. Whether in a school setting or other type of establishment that revolves around academics, these books are moody and mysterious.  They are not […]

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