8 A-Frame Cabins in Quebec

  These are 8 A-frame cabins in Quebec to consider for your next getaway. With spring finally making its long-awaited appearance, we are slowly coming out of our hibernation period. Days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, and we want to experience life again. Spring is a great time to get back in touch […]

How Do You Style Your Bookcase?

How do you style your bookcase, fellow bookworms? One of the bookworms’ never-ending problems is how to style their bookcase. As a true book nerd, I suffer from this dilemma. Those of you who follow me on Instagram are familiar with my bookish chaos. I literally have piles of books everywhere, because I don’t have […]

Is Minimalism For You

  In the last decade or so minimalism has taken different dimensions. There are people that are generally not interested in acquiring stuff, but they do not necessarily consider themselves minimalists.    What is Minimalism? If you’re referring to the definition of the visual arts, it is an art movement that began after the Second […]

Introduction to My World

This post is a brief introduction to my world. I hope you will stick around with me on my journey, and see me through changes as they come.     Here’s a brief introduction to my world! So, it’s been a long time coming. For a few years now I’ve been thinking of starting my […]

Welcome to Booksformind

Hi, I’m Anca, and I welcome you to Booksformind, my blog. Reading is a long-loved passion of mine since I discovered books as a child. Recently I rekindled my love for writing, which has always been buried somewhere inside of me. That inspired me to start this blog, and I hope you will enjoy reading […]

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