Some of the Best Underrated Montreal Restaurants

poutineville storefront


Montreal is a Mecca for the foodie at heart. Because it is such a multicultural city, we have cuisines from all over the world. If you like variety, you’ll be very happy with Montreal’s diversified restaurants and casse-croutes. By the way, casse-croutes are casual dining places, for those who don’t speak French.

And the food is still reasonably priced, making Montreal one of the best cities in North America to dine in. 

Reading other blogs, I found mostly the fancier, $100/plate type of establishments. That’s why I wanted to show you that you can enjoy delicious food without spending a small fortune. And there are plenty of options, depending on what you like to eat.

Here is a list of some of my favorite restaurants, most of those I have personally tried. 



Amaranto montreal


This tiny little Mexican restaurant is located in Monkland Village, a lively neighborhood in the city. If you don’t know about it you might miss it because they don’t have a huge sign and the hours are very restricted, so it looks closed most of the time. 

But if you enjoy authentic Mexican food, it’s a must-try. They don’t have a large menu either, but their food is delicious and reasonably priced. Even today, with about 25-30$ you can have a full plate and the guacamole appetizer that comes with homemade chips. 

The place can only hold about 5-6 tables, and the owners cook right at the back of the restaurant where you can see them and say Hi!



arepera montreal

My good friend’s husband is Venezuelan, and this is one of the first restaurants we went to together since he’s been living in Montreal. It is located on the Plateau, a hippie, bustling with life neighborhood that houses a great variety of restaurants.

They specialize in stuffed cornbread pockets that are called Arepas. Whether a carnivore or a vegetarian, you can pick the filling of your choice. They are served with different sauces on the side, whether you like a little spice or not. And you can wash all the food down with their refreshing juices made in-house. 


Bellevue Resto-Grill

bellevue resto bar

This restaurant seems very unassuming from the outside, but the location and the food are top-notch. Simple Greek-style food, their calamari platter is worth a drive.

In the summer, taking a drive by the water going down to Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue then stopping at Bellevue resto-grill is one of my favorite things to do in Montreal. It feels like a mini-vacation in the middle of the week or on the weekend. The boardwalk is my little escape from the daily grind, and the food is straightforward goodness. 


Burger De Ville

burger de ville

With fresh homemade burgers, this place is worth a visit, unless you don’t eat meat. Then sorry, it’s not for you.  

When I first discovered it they only had one location in Montreal West, but now they’ve expanded to two extra locations. The menu is simple and straightforward. You start off with a plain hamburger and add on any toppings and cheeses you want.

They offer a wide range of free toppings, but there are some fancy ones such as the Portabello mushrooms or the spicy pickled eggplants for an extra cost. Then, of course, side dishes like french fries, chili, and even salad. But let’s face it, I’ve never seen anyone order a salad there yet!


Caribbean Curry House

carribean curry house

Montreal’s oldest West Indian restaurant, La Maison Du Curry is located on Victoria Avenue in Montreal. A staple in the Caribbean community, this has been the go-to place when you’re in the mood for one of their popular rotis. Flaky and soft and prepared fresh daily, the rotis are filled with spicy chicken, chickpeas, or some type of meat (beef or goat). They are filling and so tasty, you’ll come back for more. Or you can try their oxtail or jerk chicken, served with rice and peas and plantain. Recently, they’ve opened a second location on West Island.


Falafel St-Jacques

falafel saint jacques

Another vegetarian eatery offers Middle-Eastern fare at a reasonable price. Their menu consists of falafels, tons of different salad choices, chickpea patties, and Shitake mushroom shish taouk, among many other delicacies. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, I guarantee you’ll find something to your liking. When you’re in the mood for something lighter and healthier, it’s a great option. 



kuto storefront

This place that sells mostly tartare and poke bowls is a new discovery for me. I actually heard of it from a colleague, and we’ve ordered from there a couple of times since last fall. I particularly enjoyed their maple salmon tartare, but all their tartare is delicious and super fresh.

They also have weekly promotions, so you can get a bit more food for your money. Even their side salad and soup are tasty. Next time I’ll probably go for their salmon tacos or a poke bowl.


Nguyen Phi

nguyen phi montreal

Many have mentioned that Pho Lien is the best restaurant in town for the delicious pho soup, but I prefer Nguyen Phi. Maybe because the service is always prompt and excellent and the food reasonably priced.

Also, it’s across one of the best parks in CDN, a borough I’ve worked in for over twenty years. So that might be the reason, but if you’ve never tried them, it’s worth a visit. Their raw beef Tonkinese style soup is always perfect, and their grilled meats and rice as well. Just make sure you go upstairs. Downstairs it’s a different restaurant and although they serve similar food, they don’t compare.



poutineville dishes

No list would be complete without at least one of Quebec’s traditional poutine restaurants, and Poutineville is a great one. They have a few locations throughout the city, but I’ve been to the one on Queen Mary road and I love it.

In case you’re not from these parts of the world, poutine is a traditional dish from Quebec that consists of three main ingredients: fries, gravy, and cheese curds. Some restaurants add a variety of ingredients to make it their own, and the sauces can get very creative. What I like about Poutineville are all the ingredients they use together.

They use real potatoes that are cut thickly and are just so soft on the inside, but with a bit of crunch on the outside. The wine sauce is my fave, plus pulled pork on top. A pure delight!



pushap indian restaurant montreal

This little Indian vegetarian restaurant is another hidden gem in Montreal. Once again, it’s within the perimeters of my work neighborhood, that’s how I’ve discovered it. Opened in 1986 as a small samosa shop, it is a very affordable place that serves a wider menu.

All strictly vegetarian, they offer great thalis and chapatis that will please your taste buds. Most of their offerings are curry-based but so tasty and delicious. You can regale yourself with something different every time you visit. 



rayan dishes

Another Middle Eastern restaurant, this place offers seafood by the pound. You can order any type of fresh fish that they prepare a la carte, calamari or different varieties of shrimp by weight. They cook it on the spot, so the freshness is guaranteed, with traditional spices.

Their sides are also worthy of a mention. You can accompany your plate with salad, rice, or homemade spicy potatoes, all flavorful and cooked to perfection. And the portions are large, so you can even bring some leftovers home. 



rockaberry pies

I wouldn’t consider myself a true sweet tooth if I didn’t include some desserts on my list. Rockaberry is a place where you can get a variety of pies, for a relatively reasonable price. Some of my favorites are the apple crumble varieties, but their cheesecake-flavored pies are also delicious.

Caramel fudge or raspberry cheesecakes are a must-try or go for their key lime pie, also a crowd favorite. Whatever your favorite topping, they probably have it. And you can also start off with a sandwich with sweet potato fries on the side, just make sure you leave enough room for the reason you went there in the first place: dessert!



romados store front

If you’ve been searching for the best Portuguese chicken in the city, you must go to Romados. It’s not a fancy place, but so good. The chicken is cooked Portuguese-style on charred grilles, and the flavors of the grill are predominant. You can also try their chorizo sausage, but the chicken is their main star. 

The location is also decent, although parking is a little hard. But if you’re in the vicinity, taking a stroll after a hearty dinner is a good idea. 


Talay Thai

talay thai dish

Another favorite of mine from CDN, Talay Thai offers some authentic Thai dishes for a very affordable price. Their pad thai is generous and absolutely delicious. Depending on the time of day you go, they offer different specials of the day, or you can also get dishes a la carte and share. Whether you prefer rice, noodles, or curry dishes, you won’t be disappointed. And their mango salad is delicious.


Van Horne Pizzeria 

van horne pizza

Pizza places in Montreal are plentiful. There are a few that I love, but I’m going to mention one that is very underrated. The place is very popular for its simple and tasty pizzas and submarines, Montreal-style. I’ve tried a variety of pizzas and their steak sub with french fries, and it never disappointed me.

Located in Outremont, parking is a little easier, plus you get some great parks around if you want to eat outside, or simply go relax after a hearty meal. 



These are some of my favorite underrated Montreal restaurants. I think they are totally worth the money.

I know that when I visit a new city I like to try places the locals prefer, that’s why I thought this was a good representation of the Montreal food scene. 

What are some of your favorite places to eat in your city?


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