How to Get into Reading

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Have you always wanted to read more, but you never seem to find the time? Or you have the time, but wouldn’t know which types of books to pick? This post will give you a few tips on how to get into reading. 


Ever since I’ve been a reader, people always ask me: how do you manage to read so much, when do you find the time? To me reading is part of me, like eating or breathing is for most people. I cannot ever see myself not having at least one book going at any given time. I started reading as a young girl, before I even began school so I’m a bona fide nerd, my friends.


The answer for me is super simple: I make sure I set aside at least a few minutes a day. Like everyone else, I have the rare days when I simply don’t have the head space to read. Or I have super busy days at work when reading is challenging, I’m traveling, or any other similar reasons. But that’s where audiobooks come in. They are the perfect way to get into reading if you don’t consider yourself a reader.



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At first, I found audiobooks a bit strange. I was not used to focusing on the narrators, as I’m more of a visual person. I started out by listening to non-fiction books, which seemed to work for me at first. But eventually I ventured out and borrowed fiction audiobooks from my local library. Although I mostly listen to them while I’m at work, since I’m always driving, I try to squeeze in a few minutes here and there when I’m home. If I’m doing chores at home, or walking, I love putting my earbuds in and listening to my current book. Don’t let anyone tell you any different, audiobooks count as reading! So it’s a great way to get into reading if you never prioritized it in the past.



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Another tip that helps increase your reading is to bring your ereader with you wherever you go. Even when I’m on a road trip, I shove it in my purse. You never know when I get stuck somewhere and have to wait for whatever reason. So, instead of wasting precious time scrolling on my phone, I take it out and read a few pages. They are so small and light, they can fit even in your pocket. They’re actually lighter than the average smartphone, so it doesn’t add much weight to your purse/handbag. They can even fit into large jacket pockets, so they’re very easily accessible. 

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I personally own both a Kobo and a Kindle. Depending on what I need to read first, I usually bring either one with me. At the moment my Netgaley shelf needs more attention, so my kindle is always on me, wherever I go. 


Physical Books

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Ahh, physical books are a reader’s best friend. We all have hundreds of books sitting on our bookshelves. We all have intentions of getting to them, that is why we bought them. We end up reading them at some point, but there’s always a new intriguing book coming out that needs our immediate attention. Therefore, our to-be-read piles grow larger and larger. 


But those of you who dont fall under that category might need some help getting into reading.


Start Small

So how do you get into reading physical books? Start small. Try to figure out which genre appeals to you most, and borrow a book from your local library. Our bookstagram community is large, and you can always browse for suggestions there if you’re at a loss. 

Then set aside blocks of ten minutes at a time, depending on your schedule. Some prefer to read in the morning, some are evening readers. You’ll find your rhythm eventually. 

If you say you don’t have time at home, try to read ten minutes at work during your lunch break. We all get at least half an hour to an hour for lunch, so use ten of these minutes to open a book. It’s more tempting to gossip or scroll through your phone, but you’ll get used to prioritizing your reading time. Especially when the book is really interesting, you will want to get back to it very fast. 


Concluding Words

These are a few of my tips on how to get into reading. I hope you found them helpful. If I convince at least one of you to become readers, my heart will be so full. Then I  will feel as if I accomplished something. 

This is it for now. Until next time, friends! Enjoy your newfound love for reading if you’re new to this. 

If you’re a reader like me, let me know what book you’ve been loving lately. Always willing to add another book to my neverending to-be-read list!

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