10 Best Bookstores in Montreal

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For today’s post, I decided to gather a list of the 10 best bookstores in Montreal.

As a reader, bookstores are my home away from home. I always love spending a few hours in a new bookstore, discovering new releases, and just taking in the smell of books!

Montreal has quite a few amazing bookstores. From large chains such as Indigo and its French equivalent, Renaud-Bray, to smaller indie stores. You have an array of choices in this multicultural city. Whether new or older books, I love the feel and smell of a physical book. I think there’s no better way to spend a few hours than getting lost in a bookstore. Even if it’s only for a while, getting transported to fictional worlds is my idea of a fun date.

In this post, I’ll include some of my favorite bookstores, but also a few I didn’t get a chance to visit yet. 

Let’s see which are the 10 best bookstores in Montreal.


Saga Bookstore

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photo credit: Yelp

Librairie Saga Bookstore

A cute little independent bookstore located in NDG, this one is bilingual. So if you’re interested in some French language books along with English ones, this place caters to you. They specialize in fantasy, horror, and science fiction books, and they run a book club as well. This is the best place to visit if you’re looking for some spooky reads this time of year. Just check out their schedule beforehand, because they don’t open every day.


Renaissance Books

renaissance by nicelocal.ca

photo credit: nicelocal.ca

With a few locations throughout the island of Montreal, this is by far my favorite second-hand bookstore in the city. I find most of my best books there for a great price, and more often than not in excellent condition. Many of them don’t even look used, and the most I ever paid for a book is $6.75, no tax. One of my latest bargains was The Latecomer, which I found this summer, and for which I paid $4.25. Although some of their locations have a bigger French selection, the one located on Decarie, in NDG, has a great selection of English books. 


Bibliophile Bookstore

bibliophile on yellowpages

photo credit: Yellow pages

Bibliophile Bookstore

In business for more than 40 years, this independent English bookshop is located on Queen Mary Road, west of Decarie. They carry all types of books, from cookbooks to children’s books, even some serious topics such as politics, psychology, and religion. Do you want an unusual, rare book? They’ll find it for you and order it, so you don’t have to do all the hard work of searching for it. Their emphasis is not only on great books but on customer service as well. If you want a more individualized, more intimate experience, head over to Bibliophile.


Argo Bookshop

argo by like a local

photo credit: Like a Local

Argo Bookshop

Located on Saint Catherine Street West, on the lands of the Kanien,keha: ka people, this bookstore is extra special. You will find many First Peoples gathering around the area, and there is even an organization close by that specializes in contributing to the health and well-being of Indigenous families in the city. This oldest independent English-language bookstore in Montreal is worth a visit if you’re in the area. Not only for its numerous books and personalized service but the whole vibe you get from the area surrounding it.


Phoenix Books

inside Phoenix bookstore by Nicelocal.ca

photo credit: nicelocal.ca

Phoenix Bookstore

This is another favorite of mine. Previously owned by lovely Corinne,  Melanie took over the reins since Corinne decided to move on to other things. Both equally lovely humans, they make you feel right at home once you enter the store. They sell mostly used books, but every now and then you’ll find some novelty items or jewelry. Melanie usually announces when the guests will be there on Instagram, so be sure to give them a follow. I have bought a lot of rare finds at Phoenix, even some delicious cookies! I’m hoping Melanie will start baking again, they’re absolutely worth the extra calories!


Drawn and Quarterly

D-and-Q on literary hub

photo credit: Literary Hub

Drawn and Quarterly Bookstore

Specializing in graphic novels and mostly literature, Drawn And Quarterly is a lively bookstore located on Bernard Street, in the Mile End neighborhood. If you’re not familiar with the area, it saw many improvements in the last couple of years, and definitely worth a detour. Many new cafes, restaurants, and independent shops call this borough their home now. This independent English bookstore is associated with its sister French language bookshop, La Petite Librairie Drawn and Quarterly, located steps away. They host many events regularly, and they support the local indigenous and  LGBTQ communities.


Encore Books and Records

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Encore Books and Records

This family-run shop buys and sells books and records, with one of the largest collections in the city. If you have a rare book or record in mind, chances are they’ll find it for you. Located in the heart of NDG, on Sherbrooke Street West, this community staple has been around for many years. Father and son share a passion for reading and music, and their long-awaited dream of owning a bookstore came true in 2004. They are welcoming and pleasant, and the space is cozy and cool. You should come to check it out if you’re in the area. 


Bonder Bookstore

bonder nicelocal.ca

photo credit: nicelocal.ca

Bonder Bookstore

This veteran bookstore, located in Montreal West, is a supplier of great reading and studying material for young and old. They also have an online ordering service, which took off since the pandemic. You will find a large selection of new releases, Montreal author’s books, and a decent selection of audiobooks. They always have special features each month, and a few book clubs you can join. If you’re into award-winning books, they also carry a great selection, depending on the time of year. 


De Stiil Bookstore

de stiil bookstore on yelp

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De Stiil Books

This independent bookstore is located on Duluth Street, in Montreal. The owner is super cool and stylish, and she also has a collection of fashion accessories and minimalist clothing items alongside a great selection of books. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve been meaning to go there for over two years, but haven’t made it yet. I know I’ll fall in love with everything she has to sell, so it’s probably a blessing in disguise. But in all seriousness, it is one of the best independent English bookstores in Montreal to keep in mind. 


Saint Henri Books

saint henry books on yelp

photo credit: yelp

Saint Henri Books

Last but definitely not least, I conclude the list of the 10 best bookstores in Montreal with another favorite of mine, Saint Henri Books.

Located in the Saint Henri neighborhood, this area has also seen a makeover in the last few years. One of the newest indie bookstores in Montreal, they’ve been around since 2018. The cozy vibes and great selection of books, as well as some bookish accessories, make this one of my very favorite shops to visit. They also feature local artists and their works, which is another reason I love shopping there. They are strong supporters of indigenous, POC, and queer literature, and their selection is one of the greatest in the city. 


Concluding Words

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the 10 best bookstores in Montreal. If any other great ones come to mind, don’t be shy and mention them in the comment section below. Until next time, keep reading, fellow bookworms!


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