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Multiple reads at once may seem strange to many non-readers, but it is a common occurrence seasoned readers experience.

For this post, I decided to tackle a bookworm problem we all face from time to time. Reading multiple books at once. I know some Bookstagrammers have been talking about it, and it was something I’ve also wanted to talk about for a while now. So, here we are.

A Bookworm’s Problem


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I’ve been reading multiple books at a time for a while now. Many people have asked me, how do you manage? 

Don’t you get confused with the storylines? 

No, I do not. It’s basically the same thing as when you’re in school and you have many readings for different classes. I have an undergrad degree in sociology, so I’m no stranger to reading multiple documents at once.


How do I manage?

It really isn’t as hard as it seems. I’ve always liked variety, and I try to read from different genres as much as possible.

Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way, so then I pick an e-book and the occasional audiobook.

Although to be honest, I’m not a great fan of audiobooks. They’re convenient for those times when I’m busy cleaning or walking.  Sometimes I miss parts of the book because I focus on something else, and then I get all confused.

I’m a visual person, which is why I have a hard time with audiobooks, but if the storyteller is engaging it does make things easier. The voice of the narrator is very important too, I find. I’ve abandoned audiobooks because I couldn’t stand the person’s voice.

E-books, on the other hand, I dig. I usually read at least one e-book at a time, mostly borrowed books. Although my Kobo collection is also starting to get out of hand, and the TBR list is getting longer each week.

Tips and Tricks

Try picking books from different categories, just like school subjects.

I usually read a thriller, maybe some contemporary fiction, and a third subject if it’s a physical book. But if the third and fourth (if I get to four) books are e-books or audiobooks, I can stick to the same category. In most cases, thrillers or contemporary fiction are my main go-to categories.

Just do what feels more comfortable to you, but usually picking different genres helps you keep your stories straight.

I’ve read a physical and e-book from the same genre more than once, and at times, especially if the storylines are similar, I will admit that it can get confusing. The stories sometimes overlap, so you have to re-read the last few paragraphs to remember where the story was going.

Try to prioritize your schedule by fitting a few minutes here and there. For example, when I go to work I only bring my e-reader.

It is not only so I don’t get the storylines mixed up, but the device is lighter than an actual book. So that’s for practical reasons as well.

Probably not for Everyone

For sure, reading multiple books at once, for fun on top of that, isn’t for everyone. When we were in school we had no choice. But for fun? In my spare time? Well, yes! I love reading that much. To some people, it might seem like a chore. But I actually enjoy doing it very much, that now I even write about it.

I can certainly understand people who can only read one book at a time, and I certainly do not judge that.

I just like starting multiple ones at once because I like variety and sometimes I get bored reading from the same book. That is unless the book is super engaging and I cannot put it down. That certainly does happen every now and then.

So if you feel more comfortable reading one book at a time, that’s your prerogative. I know people with super busy schedules that cannot possibly fit in more than a few minutes of reading per day. On top of that, start a few different books at once. For sure they would not be able to keep the stories straight.

I work very long hours on the weekends, and sometimes I barely have time to open a book, much less multiple ones. So I can totally get it.

For me, reading is a priority, and I always make time to fit it into my schedule. But there was a time when I cannot read fiction because my schedule would simply not permit it. When my daughter was super young and I was in school and had a full-time job, there simply were not enough hours in a day.



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Kobo Clara

Therefore, if you like reading but you can only squeeze in a few precious minutes a day, reading multiple books is probably not feasible for you.

Everyone has different styles and preferences, so nobody should judge other people and what works for them.

You do you, I do me! If reading only one book at a time is more your cup of tea, that’s totally fine.

As long as you’re reading, that is cool. Don’t get me wrong, I have people that I care about a lot that do not read, and there’s no judgment on my part. Reading is my favorite hobby, but that doesn’t mean that everyone I’m close to should be a reader as well.

On that note, I hope you will try to incorporate reading into your life. It is a cheap and easy way to escape your everyday stress, even if it’s only for a bit.

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