Four Orenda Book Cover Reveals

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I am honored to have been chosen to share with you guys four Orenda Publishers book cover reveals of upcoming releases from a few favorite authors. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I was included in  the cover reveals of the following books over the weekend that just passed. 

Some of the Scandinavian authors included have been on my radar for a while. Lilja Sigurdattodir is already one of my favorite go-to Nordic Noir authors. So you can imagine my joy when the opportunity to take part of these ‘cover reveals’ presented itself. I almost jumped in my seat!

Read the synopsis for each book as given by the publishers, which they sent to me directly. You can admire the gorgeous covers that just became public knowledge, and also mark the release dates in your calendars. 

They will all come out later in the year, and I can’t wait to get my copies!


Let’s get right down to business.


Mirror Image by Gunnar Staalesen, translated by Don Bartlett

mirror image gunnar


Publication date: 31st August
Format: e-book and paperback

Pre-Order Here: Mirror Image


I own the digital copies of most of the books in this series, so you know I will add this one to my collection. 


This is the description the publishers sent:


As Bergen PI Varg Veum investigates two different cases, it becomes clear that they are uncannily similar to harrowing events that took place thirty-six years earlier… A gripping installment of the award-winning Varg Veum series, by one of the fathers of Nordic Noir.

Bergen Private Investigator Varg Veum is perplexed when two wildly different cases cross his desk at the same time. A lawyer, anxious to protect her privacy, asks Varg to find her sister, who has disappeared with her husband, seemingly without trace, while a ship carrying unknown cargo is heading towards the Norwegian coast, and the authorities need answers.

Varg immerses himself in the investigations, and it becomes clear that the two cases are linked, and have unsettling – and increasingly uncanny – similarities to events that took place thirty-six years earlier, when a woman and her saxophonist lover drove their car off a cliff, in an apparent double suicide.

As Varg is drawn into a complex case involving star-crossed lovers, toxic waste and illegal immigrants, history seems determined to repeat itself in perfect detail … and at terrifying cost…

A chilling, dark and twisting story of love and revenge, Mirror Image is Staalesen at his most thrilling, thought-provoking best.”


White as Snow by Lilja Sigurdardottir, translated by Quentin Bates

white as snow


Publication date: 12th October
Format: e-book and paperback

Pre-Order Here: White as Snow


Book 3 in the Arora Investigation series, I’m looking forward to its release day. I loved the first book “Cold as Hell”, and I’ve still to read the second one, “Red as Blood ”. Maybe I’ll give it a go just before “White as Snow” comes out. 

You can read this post where Iintroduced a few Nordic Noir authors:

A Guide to Nordic Noir Authors


Doesn’t this description sound great to you?


“Daníel and Áróra hunt a brutal killer when a shipping container with the bodies of five women is found outside Reykjavik, as Áróra continues the search for her missing sister. Book three in the addictive, chilling An Áróra Investigation series.


On a snowy winter morning, an abandoned shipping container is discovered near Reykjavík. Inside are the bodies of five young women – one of them barely alive.


As Icelandic Police detective Daníel struggles to investigate the most brutal crime of his career, Áróra looks into the background of a suspicious man, who turns out to be engaged to Daníel’s former wife, and the connections don’t stop there…


Daníel and Áróra’s cases pit them both against ruthless criminals with horrifying agendas, while Áróra persists with her search for her missing sister, Ísafold, whose devastating disappearance continues to haunt her.


As the temperature drops and the 24-hour darkness and freezing snow hamper their efforts, their investigations become increasingly dangerous … for everyone.


Atmospheric, twisty and breathtakingly tense, White as Snow is the third installment in the riveting, award-winning An Áróra Investigation series, as crimes committed far beyond Iceland’s shores come home…


The Beaver Theory by Antti Tuomainen, translated by David Hackston

the beaver theory

Publication date: 12th October
Format: Hardback and Ebook

Pre-Order Here: The Beaver Theory

Book 3 in the Rabbit Factor Trilogy


“Can everyone’s favorite insurance mathematician, Henri, combine the increasingly dangerous world of adventure parks with the unpredictability of blended-family life? He’s about to find out in the final installment of the hilarious, nail-biting Rabbit Factor Trilogy.


Henri Koskinen, intrepid insurance mathematician and adventure-park entrepreneur, firmly believes in the power of common sense and order. That is until he moves in with painter Laura Helanto and her daughter…


As Henri realizes he has inadvertently become part of a group of local dads, a competing adventure park is seeking to expand their operations, not always sticking to the law in the process…


Is it possible to combine the increasingly dangerous world of the adventure-park business with the unpredictability of life in a blended family? At first glance, the two appear to have only one thing in common: neither deals particularly well with a mounting body count.


In order to solve this seemingly impossible conundrum, Henri is forced to step far beyond the mathematical precision of his comfort zone … and the stakes have never been higher… 


Warmly funny, quirky, touching, and a nail-biting triumph of a thriller, The Beaver Theory is the final installment in the award-winning Rabbit Factor Trilogy, as Henri encounters the biggest challenge of his career, with hair-raising results…”


Upstairs at the Beresford by Will Carver

upstairs at the beresford canva


Publication date: 23rd November

Format: Paperback and ebook

Pre-Order Here: Upstairs at the Beresford


“Hotel Beresford: a grand old building, just outside the city, where any soul is welcome, and strange goings-on mask explosive, deadly secrets. A chilling, darkly funny sequel to Will Carver’s bestselling The Beresford…


There are worse places than hell…


Hotel Beresford is a grand, old building, just outside the city. And any soul is welcome.


Danielle Ortega works nights, singing at whatever dive bar will offer her a gig. She gets by, keeping to herself. Sam Walker gambles and drinks, and can’t keep his hands to himself. Now he’s tied up in a shoe closet with a dent in his head that matches Danielle’s broken ashtray.


The man in 731 has been dead for two days and his dog has not stopped barking. Two doors down, the couple who always smokes on the window ledge will mysteriously fall.


Upstairs, in the penthouse, Mr Balliol sees it all. He can peer into every crevice of every floor of the hotel from his screen-filled suite. He witnesses humanity and inhumanity in all its forms: loneliness, passion and desperation in equal measure. All the ingredients he needs to make a deal.


When Danielle returns home one night to find Sam gone, a series of sinister events begins to unfold. But strange things often occur at Hotel Beresford, and many are only a distraction to hide something much, much darker…”

Concluding Words

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to get my hands on any of these copies! I hope you enjoyed this post of the four Orenda book cover reveals I participated in. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about these books!

Until next time, keep reading my fellow bookworms.




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