8 Books With Criminal Minds Vibes

  If you’re like me and watched every single Criminal Minds episode, then you will surely enjoy reading the following 8 books that give you Criminal Minds vibes.  Criminal Minds is a TV show that delved into the minds of the criminals committing the crimes each episode is based on. The series went on from […]

8 Books Set in New York

This post gives me some serious wanderlust vibes. I gathered a list of 8 books that are set in New York. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I haven’t traveled anywhere too far and I’m starting to seriously miss it. I miss the weekend getaways, the road trips, flying overseas, the whole thing. I think […]

February 2023 Book Reviews

  This post includes my February 2023 book reviews. I had these books finished over the weekend, but I was hoping to get through at least another one. Since that didn’t happen, this is my final tally for February 2023. I read six books and reread one, which is pretty average for me. Without further […]

7 Dark Academia Novels to Read

  This post includes 7 dark-academia novels to read. Dark academia is a subgenre of the literary fiction genre that contains dark, gothic vibes that usually involve some aspects of academia. Whether in a school setting or other type of establishment that revolves around academics, these books are moody and mysterious.  They are not thrillers, […]

10 Best YA Romance Books

    I decided to put together a post containing the 10 best YA romance books, in my opinion. I’m not someone who believes that celebrating love should be on a certain day of the year. Hence, this is not a post meant for Valentine’s Day, rather it is inspired by the holiday. If you’re […]

January 2023 Book Reviews

  Happy new reading year, fellow bookworms! Cheers to a lot of amazing books and lots of new discoveries! As per usual, this post includes my January 2023 book reviews.  Let’s see how I did this first month of the year.    Sam by Allegra Goodman Sam Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Canada […]

12 Books Set During World War ll

  January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which started being acknowledged in 2005. This date back in 1945 marks the liberation of the concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This seems like the perfect time to dedicate a post to 12 books set during World War ll. I will not give a history lesson on the […]

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