10 Of My Most Anticipated Reads of 2022

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Every year is a great reading year, but for some reason, 2022 brought us some special books. Maybe since the pandemic, the publishing side took a bit longer, and now they’re back in full swing, which makes me very happy. 

There are a few authors on this list that  I’ve read in the past and I love. A few of them came up with some new books this year, so I’m really looking forward to their new work. 

I’ve also heard good things about this one non-fiction book The Body Keeps The Score, so I decided to order it and see what the fuss is all about. In the last few years, I haven’t really read any self-help or other non-fiction books, but this one seems up my alley. 

I’ve also included a couple of ebooks that I was waiting for so long to get my hands on. And since I finally ordered my new kindle last week, now I have easier access to some books I couldn’t wait to read!

In typical Anca fashion, I have way too many to be able to get through this summer, but I’m really hoping I can read them before the end of the year. 

Without further ado, lakers see which are my most anticipated reads of 2022. 


1.The Binding Room by Nadine Matheson

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The Binding Room

I’m very much looking forward to the sequel of Matheson’s first novel The Jigsaw Man. In this second Anjelica Henley installment, the detective is confronted with a series of ritualistic murders. Heavy subjects such as corrupt institutions, power, and race are dealt with as well, which sounds like a very interesting read. I’m curious how the author blended all these topics into an action-packed thriller. Plus I want to see how the detective is coping with her personal life, which left us with question marks from her debut novel. Since Nadine was a criminal attorney, her experience is shown in her writing of these police procedures. 


2. The It Girl by Ruth Ware

the it girl in my hand

The It Girl

A decade after her friend April’s murder, Hannah and Will are expecting their first child, and the man accused of her murder just died in prison. She thinks she can finally put those horrible memories out of her head and turn a new chapter in their lives. Until a journalist comes and unravels all those deeply buried feelings. And the real murderer might be even closer than she thinks. 

OMG, this seems like a great thriller that is right up my alley! I like Ruth Ware’s writing, and this synopsis got me curious to finally crack the book open. And should I go on about the cover? Judge for yourselves, but I think that it is simply gorgeous!


3. Trapped by Camilla Lackberg

trapped against the tv


This is a new series that introduces us to Mina Dabiri, who enlists the help of celebrity mentalist Vincent Walter to solve a mind-blowing murder. I have loved Camilla Lackberg since I first discovered The Ice Princess back in the mid-2000s. But after she concluded the Fjallbacka series, I honestly didn’t connect with Faye’s revenge series. So I’m really hoping this is more like her debut novel. I’m still looking forward to reading anything she writes, and she is the next author that I’m planning to talk about in my Author Spotlight series. 


4. Things We Do In the Dark by Jennifer Hillier

things we do in the dark

Things We Do In the Dark

I discovered Jennifer Hillier two summers ago, after Abby, aka @crimebythebook had her on an author chat on Instagram at the beginning of the pandemic. I picked up Jar of Hearts and absolutely loved it. In case you didn’t know, there’s also a podcast that is dedicated to the book Case Closed, which you can find on any platform I believe. 

I think I also read Little Secrets, but I’m not 100% sure. In any case, I do have the E-book version just in case. And her latest, Things We Do in the Dark i pre-ordered but didn’t get a chance to read just yet. Hopefully before the end of the year!

It seems like a fast-paced thriller that follows Paris Peralta, who is suspected of killing her celebrity husband. But is her past going to remain in the past, now that Ruby Reyes, suspected of murder 25 years ago, gets out of prison?


5. Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

lessons in chemistry against the window

Lessons in Chemistry

As you all know by now, I do judge books by their covers. This one is another that I bought because I find the cover gorgeous. I heard the book is good as well, and I’m really hoping I like it. If I haven’t heard the reviews or read the synopsis, judging by the cover you would expect a light summer read. But apparently, that isn’t so. 

Scientist Elizabeth Zott is struggling to make herself taken seriously in a man’s field, where she is the only female chemist. Men are threatened by her intelligence, so she ends up with a TV cooking show instead. But she puts her personal touch to it, and teaches women how to dare change the status quo, not only how to cook. It seems like a revolutionary and original novel that will bring some vitality to the platform. 


6. Special Mention: The Ballerinas

ballerinas outdoors


Technically not a 2022 release, but I’ve been putting it off for way too long, so it was my 2022 most anticipated read. I just knew I would love everything about it, and it didn’t disappoint. I will not go on about it here, since I’ve already discussed it on several occasions, so I’ll link the previous articles where I’ve mentioned it.

Favorite Books of the Year So Far

May Reads



7. The Body Keeps the Score by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

the body keeps the score

The Body Keeps the Score

One of the world’s experts on traumatic stress brings us this guide on how to heal your body after you’ve experienced any type of trauma. He includes treatment options such as yoga, mindful techniques, and neurofeedback that are available, depending on each individual’s particular needs. You will learn how to rewire your brain in order to cope with the experiences that caused you pain. 

This is by no means a replacement for therapy, but rather a guide to understanding how and why you feel a certain way after stressful events in your life. I am always curious to learn about how the mind and body work together, and I’m hoping this will be a book that i will refer to for years to come. 



There are a couple of books that I’ve purchased as ebooks since the physical books are not available yet. But a few great ones that I cannot wait to read. 


8. The Final Nail by Stefan Ahnhem

the final nail on kobo

The Final Nail

This is the final installment in the Fabian Risk series. The epic series concludes with the usual action-packed typical of Ahnhem’s writing style. If you’ve followed the series, you know that Copenhagen’s police chief, and Dunja Hougaard’s boss, is a really sleazy character. But will she be able to finally take Kim Sleizner down this time? Or is he going to continue making everyone’s lives miserable, as he’s been doing for years? I cannot wait to dig in and find out how Ahnhem wrapped up one of my favorite Nordic Noir series.


9.Cold As Hell by Lilja Sigurdardottir

cold as hell on kindle

Cold as Hell

This is a first in the Arora Investigation, where she is called back to Iceland by her mother to find her sister Isafold, who seems to have disappeared without a trace.  Led into a dark web of manipulation and intrigue, Arora confronts her sister’s boyfriend Bjorn, who is the prime suspect. Just the title alone promises to be another great Nordic Noir thriller, and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m already somewhat familiar with the author’s style since I read Betrayal earlier this year. I also purchased the Reykjavik Noir Trilogy, which I shall get to someday. 


10. And last but not least, the Erica Foster series by Robert Bryndza. 

fatal witness on kindle

Fatal Witness

The latest book in the series came out this summer, just last month actually. I still have about three books to get through before I can get to Fatal Witness, the seventh in the Detective Erika Foster series. 

In this latest thriller, Erika Foster is faced with finding another serial killer that has been terrorizing young female students. His latest victim, true-crime podcaster Vicky Clarke, is stumbled upon by Erika herself, on a walk near her house. With disturbing twists and little evidence to work with, will Erika be able to apprehend the killer before he strikes again?

If you haven’t started on this series yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It is a fast-paced thriller-style police procedural that follows a likable female detective. 


Concluding Words

the it girl ruth ware


This sums up the list of my most anticipated reads for 2022. Are any of them on your list for this year? If not, which ones seem more up your alley?

Whatever your style, just keep reading fellow bookworms. 

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