10 Best Books For Three to Five Year Olds

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These are the 10 best books for three to five-year-olds.

Although I haven’t read children’s books for a while, I started back again once my grandson was born. There’s something about sharing my love for reading with this little human that is just so special. And as he grows so will his love for reading, at least I’m really hoping it will. 

This preschool age is simply adorable, it is when little children start being really curious about things. They are more receptive to learning, and they start asking questions. That is why reading to them is so important. 

I’ve read to both my daughter and grandson since they were born, but any age to start reading to children is great. 

Here are 10 of the books I have in my home library that I think is perfect for three to five-year-olds. 


A Collection of Stories for 3-Year-Olds – Various

stories for 3-year olds

A Collection of Stories for 3-Year-Olds

This is another compilation of short stories by various writers, perfect for preschool children. It is beautifully illustrated, and some of the stories are very funny. It’s a great way to end the day on a good note and help children go to bed.


Disney’s Robin Hood

robin hood

Robin Hood

This is another well-known tale about a thief who steals things, but with honorable intentions. He takes from those who have too much and shares with the more unfortunate people that can’t afford the stuff. A beloved story that teaches kids a lesson in life, plus the illustrations are great. 


Disney’s Lady and the Tramp

lady and the tramp ll

Lady and the Tramp

Disney books have always been a favorite in my household. I always enjoyed their books and movies, my daughter as well, and now my little munchkin. The story follows Tramp, the little dog from the wrong side of the tracks that befriended a pampered pooch. A cute story about dogs, what’s not to like?


Disney Junior’s Five-Minute Stories

disney junior story book

5-Minute Disney Junior Stories

This compilation of 12 short children’s stories is great for preschoolers. The stories are short enough to keep the children interested, without being too long and complex. They last about five minutes when read aloud, so the little ones can go to sleep after one or two stories. The nice padded cover makes it easy to hold as well, and it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go. 


Good Morning, Grumple by Victoria Allenby

good morning grumple

Good Morning, Grumple

This book is the ideal companion for little ones who are a bit slow to move in the morning. This celebration of morning routines makes the Grumples start the day off right. The softly sung songs, a tickle on the pinky toe, and kisses on the scrunched-up forehead make the day so much better.  


The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Bianco

teh velveteen rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit

This favorite children’s classic is a lovely tale of a velveteen rabbit that warms up a little boy’s heart. He is not the most popular toy the boy likes to play with, but when the little boy becomes ill the velveteen rabbit becomes his most special companion. With patience and undying devotion, the velveteen rabbit became a beloved toy no child can pass up. 


Small Saul by Ashley Spires

small saul

Small Saul

This book is about an unconventional small pirate. Small Saul joins the Rusty Squid crew and the other pirates on board notice that Saul is very different. He’s just not rough and tough the way pirates are thought to be. He’d rather bake a  cake and sing songs, but his personality wins the other crew members over. A cute story that celebrates individuality.


Follow That Map by Scot Ritchie

follow that map

Follow That Map

This book is for children that are a little older, but five-year-olds can start to appreciate this book. This interactive book shows children, through a search-and-find technique, how a map works. Kids will love how Sally and her friends search for Max and Ollie, a cat and a dog that are a bit mischievous. A great way for children approaching school age to learn how to look for things in their neighborhood.


The Best Seat in Kindergarten by Katharine Kenah

the best seat in kindergarden

The Best Seat in Kindergarten

A very cute book that teaches kids that are new to school that everyone was new on their first day. Sam’s first day at school is an adventure, and the teacher gives them their first assignment to teach them responsibility. Through a nature walk, the teacher breaks the ice and makes all the kids feel included in the class. 


Bop, Bop at the Bunny Hop by Robin C. Fitzsimmons

bop, bop at the bunny hop

Bop, Bop at the Bunny Hop

A fun book for little children to read aloud. Repeating words helps them with building early phonic skills. These funny stories are cute and allow children to practice while keeping them entertained. The word families that share similar sounds are grouped in spelling patterns. That makes reading and writing easier for young children that are just starting to learn those skills. 


This concludes the list of ten best books for three to five-year-olds that I alternate between when my grandson comes over. They’re all fun and well-illustrated, so he enjoys them as much as I do!


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